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Boost your self-hosted WordPress with Jetpack has grown into one of the most amazing cloud architectures in the world. This has enabled blogs hosted here to have features unavailable on self-hosted WordPress installs. This makes us sad, since here at we want every WordPress install everywhere to be amazing.
In this spirit, we have great news. We are now making the power of available to almost all WordPress blogs, regardless of where they are hosted.
With Jetpack, a new plugin from Automattic, people not on can now access features that depend on Jetpack also provides convenience features that don’t use the cloud, but are now easier to install, or were unavailable as plugins before.
To start, go to and read the backstory from Matt on why Jetpack is so important for WordPress.
(Mozilla Jetpack is a wonderful, but entirely unrelated, open source project run by Mozilla Labs. We checked with them first and we’re mutually cool on the use of the name.)

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